Cadwell allows us to camp for free at the circuit as part of the track hire (please use the grassy area in the paddock - not the surrounding fields).... or to put it another way, the sensible types who stay in Hotels and B&Bs subsidise the itinerants who think that sleeping under canvas is still a cool thing to do :-)

One Important Note: No Fires are allowed (yes this includes barbequeue's). Cadwell had some very bad experiences with the PB Frenzy a few years back and have banned all fires in the paddock outright. Please honour this - it would be a shame to lose the opportunity of camping in future years.

AFAIK, ickkle camping stoves to heat a cuppa on are allowed; just don't complain to me if a large man in an orange boiler suit with BHLG Octagon MSV printed on it empties an extinguisher into your tent.

There are toilet blocks at the circuit that are left open for campers..... ummm.. do I need to rephrase that? and there's a shower block in what was the toilet block by the scruting shed.


There are a number of Hotels and B&B's in the area although the main ones in Louth are normally fully booked within hours of the Trackday being announced.

Of note: the Kings Head (a favoured watering hole of Ixies in Louth) has now got some rooms refurbished and available from 2012; all very nice by accounts so contact Sharon on 01507 602965 and tell her you're booking for the Ixion trackday). Here's a list of some hotels in Louth. If you find out that the info shown here is wrong then please let me know ASAP and I'll change it. Likewise, let me know about other Hotels or B&B's that are being used by Ixionites.

EstablishmentPhone Number
Travellers Rest, Louth07788 983024
Kings Head, Louth01507 602965
Masons Arms, Louth01507 609525
Packhorse, Louth01507 603848
Kenwick Park Hotel, Outside Louth
(Posh EKS place with Golf Range!)
01507 608806

An apparently useful link for other accommodation is A1 Tourism for Louth; Thanks to Hoddy for that.

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