Ixion@Cadwell is organised in the main by......

Russell Brown who produced these pages, did the banking, circuit booking, other boring paperwork type stuff and coordinated with Cadwell.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the contribution of Mal who kept the whole Ixion Mailing List running for so many years, Adam Curtin who used to run Ixion on his quacky server and provides the Mallard booking system.

Russell's most ably assisted on-site by Major Bob with signon and other ad-hoc admin things.

A Bunch of Scruts will be pressed into service.

Whomesoever assumes the mantle of the Chief Scrut (Liam Murtagh in recent years. TVM) will in turn, be assisted by his scruting team of various Ixies.

Scrut #1Scrut #2
Scrut #3Scrut #4

Thanks Guys.... you're all wonderful people

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